Dental Bridges

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Looking to replace a missing tooth? Enter the dental bridge, a versatile option. Bridges are a great alternative to implants or partial dentures, especially for a few missing teeth on one side of your mouth.

Why choose bridges? They’re safe, reliable, and cost-effective. These restorations are permanently fixed to healthy neighboring teeth, acting as sturdy pillars. In some cases, we may use two teeth for added support, known as a cantilever bridge.

At O3 Dental, we work with top-notch dental labs worldwide, ensuring the best quality materials for your bridge. Our cutting-edge Cerec technology allows us to provide fixed bridges in a single visit, using precise 3D scanning and milling.

Say goodbye to chewing problems and hello to a dazzling smile. Bridges restore both function and aesthetics, seamlessly blending with your natural teeth. We carefully shape and select ceramic shades to create a flawless result.

Another option is the adhesive bridge, attached with cement to adjacent teeth. This less invasive method preserves healthy tooth tissue and reduces long-term risks, mainly for replacing back teeth.

Ready to bridge the gap and achieve a flawless smile? Our expert team at O3 Dental is here to guide you through the options and create the perfect solution tailored to your needs.

Our practice is fully digital, with digital X-rays ensuring the minimum exposure to radiation.

Yes. Once you mouth has good bone support and your remaining teeth are strong then a dental bridge is an option for you. Our dentists will guide you towards the best and most cost-effective solution in terms of replacing your missing teeth.
Most bridges are produced using a non-precious metal base. However, if you bridge will is to be located prominently then a porcelain bond is used to give a natural look. Should you experience biting issues your bridge may required to have a full metal coverage.
It is imperative that you clean your bridge each day. Good oral hygiene and regular cleaning will prevent issues such as gum disease or bad breath. We encourage patients to use tepe brushes and superfloss when cleaning under the bridge. This method of cleaning allows you to ensure you clean parts of your bridge that a toothbrush can’t reach. Our hygienists or dentist can give you a more detailed understanding of how to clean your mouth effectively.
Yes. There are solutions that ensure any retaining clips are kept out of sight. There are three options for filling gaps available to you but we consider the Dental Implant to be the most effective. You also have the option of a Tooth-Supported Dental Bridge and finally the least preferable option would be a removable denture. You dentist will consult with you to go through options and ensure the final decision made is best for you. Once this decision is made and the work is completed we would stress the importance of caring for both your remaining teeth and the replacement itself.
Yes. The various bridges available use differing ways of fixing to your mouth. We will advise all patients as to the best option to suit your own personal needs.