Buried Roots

What is a buried root?

When you have lost a tooth due to decay or trauma, the root – or at least part of it – can remain in the jawbone buried under the gum. It may even be that you have had an extraction and part of the root has been broken off and left behind. Multi-rooted teeth like molars have especially curved, hooked or crooked roots and can be particularly difficult to extract without leaving behind the tip or part of the root. Other teeth have long thin roots that break easily. Even just the force of extracting a tooth, if not done carefully, can result in bone or tooth breakage. The result is that part of the root remains in the jawbone and the gum heals across the top.

How does a buried root manifest itself?

Buried roots can sometimes lie dormant for years without any trouble, then suddenly an infection can develop, or you may begin to experience something sharp coming through the gum. It can be painful and unpleasant. It is important to seek treatment immediately.

What is the treatment for buried roots?

Damian can remove them surgically. It will involve opening up the gum and removing the offending root. Because your comfort is our priority, we have invested in the latest in precision dentistry, a soft tissue diode laser which cuts easily through soft tissue (gums) cauterising as it goes, thereby reducing pain and limiting post-operative infections.

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