Dental Bridges in Letterkenny

Missing teeth can be a concern, but dental bridges offer an effective solution. These bridges consist of artificial teeth, perfectly placed between your natural teeth, creating a seamless smile. By anchoring the bridge to the healthy adjacent teeth, we ensure a permanent and secure fit, enhancing both aesthetics and function.

During the procedure, our expert dental technicians take precise impressions of your mouth, creating custom-made bridges that match your unique bite and natural teeth. We discuss various options with you, choosing the best materials, whether metal and porcelain or porcelain-only, depending on the location of the missing teeth.

Once the bridge is crafted, we check the fit and make any necessary adjustments before permanently fixing it in place. With proper oral hygiene and regular care, dental bridges can last for many years, bringing renewed confidence to your smile.

The benefits of dental bridges go beyond aesthetics; they improve biting, chewing, and speech functions, ultimately enhancing your quality of life. If a bridge isn’t the right fit for you, we will explore alternative options like removable partial dentures or dental implants, ensuring you receive the best possible treatment for your individual needs.

Let O3 Dental help you forget about missing teeth and embrace a natural-looking smile that restores your confidence and oral well-being.

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“Finally! I’ve been a client here for the past 3 years getting a lot of much-needed work done. Damien & Leona make a great team and take great care to make you as comfortable as possible. Today, I got my new crowns and have been beaming a smile since. I honestly did not realise how much of a difference it was going to make to have such precise work done in comparison with what was there before. Good dental care is essential, but if you need any kind of work done I couldn’t recommend this place enough. If you’re wary or anxious about dental appointments, this is the place for you. Thanks a million, folks!”

Ciaran Roarty, LETTERKENNY

“I can’t say enough about 03 Dental Letterkenny Damian and Leona. I feel like shouting from the roof tops for all those that have a phobia like me. I have been to other dentists but by far Letterkenny 03 are the most companionate, caring and professional not to mention the fantastic job they did on my teeth, I had conscious sedation and remember nothing! Very happy to have found my future dentist.”

Kathleen Bryant, LETTERKENNY

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if your mouth has good bone support and your remaining teeth are strong, a dental bridge can be a suitable solution for replacing missing teeth. Your dentist will assess your specific case and guide you towards the best and most cost-effective option to restore your smile and oral health.

Many bridges are made with a non-precious metal base, but for prominent placements, a porcelain bond is utilised for a natural appearance. If you encounter biting issues, a full metal coverage might be necessary for your bridge.
Maintaining the cleanliness of your bridge is crucial for oral health. Regular cleaning and good oral hygiene are essential to prevent problems like gum disease and bad breath. We recommend using tepe brushes and superfloss to clean under the bridge, reaching areas that a toothbrush may miss. Our hygienists and dentist will provide you with comprehensive guidance on effective mouth cleaning techniques for optimal bridge care.
Yes, there are other options that ensure retaining clips remain hidden. You have three choices for filling gaps: Dental Implants, Tooth-Supported Dental Bridge, and a removable denture. While all options are available, we consider Dental Implants to be the most effective solution. Your dentist will discuss these choices with you to determine the best fit for your needs. Once the work is completed, we emphasise the importance of caring for both your remaining teeth and the replacement to maintain optimal oral health.

Certainly. Different bridges employ various methods of fixation in your mouth. Our team will provide personalised guidance to each patient, ensuring the best option is chosen to meet your specific needs.

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