Mini Dental Implants in Letterkenny

What are they?

As their name implies, Mini implants are a smaller, thinner version of standard implants. They are a more cost-effective way of providing denture stabilisation. However, as you might imagine, they are not as strong or long-lasting as a standard implant. To stabilise dentures, we must use six mini implants in the upper jaw and four in the lower.

What are the advantages of the mini implant system?

There are many advantages to stabilising dentures using this system – you will avoid the messy denture adhesive that ruins the taste of food, eating and speaking will be more comfortable, and you will no longer have to worry that your dentures will fall out when talking or have so many visits to the dentist to adjust your dentures. A bonus of the system we use is that usually, the mini implants can be placed and the denture attached on the same day.

What does the procedure involve?

The LOCATOR Overdenture Implants (LODI) we use at O3 Dental are placed in a minimally invasive procedure using advanced instrumentation. The implants are made from strong titanium alloy and are designed to provide excellent stability. The ingeniously designed attachment of the LODI system provides optimum patient comfort when the denture is removed and increases denture strength overall.

On average, mini implants need to be replaced after about seven years. Research and development continue in the field to continually improve offerings, but currently, LODI implants provide cost-effective and minimally invasive solutions to tooth loss.

Dental CT Scanning

Dental CT scanning has emerged as a highly valuable tool in the realm of dental implant treatment planning, empowering us to precisely assess the volume and quality of available jawbone. This revolutionary technology not only facilitates the planning of dental implants but also aids in the diagnosis of diseases within the maxillary sinuses and nasal complex. Additionally, it proves invaluable in examining individual teeth, particularly in complex endodontic (root canal) cases.

At 03 Dental, we are proud to possess our very own state-of-the-art CBCT scanner, the remarkable XG3D, crafted by Sirona in Germany. This cutting-edge device stands among the few of its kind in Ireland, reflecting our unwavering commitment to providing top-tier dental services. Our principal dentist, Damian Flanagan, has undergone extensive training on this advanced machine, honing his expertise in Cone Beam CT scanning, ensuring each patient receives the utmost care and precision.

Emphasising our dedication to comprehensive patient care, 03 Dental readily accepts referrals for CT scanning, both in the dental and ENT fields.

testimony o3dental letterkenny

“Finally! I’ve been a client here for the past 3 years getting a lot of much-needed work done. Damien & Leona make a great team and take great care to make you as comfortable as possible. Today, I got my new crowns and have been beaming a smile since. I honestly did not realise how much of a difference it was going to make to have such precise work done in comparison with what was there before. Good dental care is essential, but if you need any kind of work done I couldn’t recommend this place enough. If you’re wary or anxious about dental appointments, this is the place for you. Thanks a million, folks!”

Ciaran Roarty, LETTERKENNY

“I can’t say enough about 03 Dental Letterkenny Damian and Leona. I feel like shouting from the roof tops for all those that have a phobia like me. I have been to other dentists but by far Letterkenny 03 are the most companionate, caring and professional not to mention the fantastic job they did on my teeth, I had conscious sedation and remember nothing! Very happy to have found my future dentist.”

Kathleen Bryant, LETTERKENNY

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